Architectural Design Services for New Home Planning


Top-Quality House Plans for Homeowners and Builders

 On-Line Drafting in Topeka, provides new home planning according to your specifications. We will address your architectural design needs, whether the project entails meeting minimum or maximum square foot requirements, site considerations, or fitting your home design on an oddly shaped lot. 


Custom Design

 We do not sell stock plans. Instead, we work closely with you to achieve a highly detailed, custom home design based on our years of architectural design   . Whether you are a homeowner or a builder, our services will give you the best possible new home planning, in the Topeka area or the world.


Industry-Standard Quality

 We are able to create a highly accurate architectural design fast by using the latest version of AutoCAD™ Architecture, the leader in 2-D and 3-D computer-aided design software. These plans can be quickly prepared, emailed, and printed for use anywhere within days, and they can be quickly exchanged for both bidding and building purposes. The 3-D structure home design models can be rotated and visualized from any direction. This reduces costly delays in new home planning and other problems at the job site. AutoCAD is recognized by the architectural and construction industries on a national level. 


Quick Turnaround Time

 We recognize time is valuable in new home planning so we work hard to minimize the time consumed by home design.  A common turnaround time is 10 days. Whether you are in Topeka, or across the country you don't have to wait for a long time for your drawings to be finished. Normally, the first draft is ready for review within a week, and can be finalized in a few days upon your approval. This is oftentimes faster than ordering stock plans from across the country and they are an architectural design that is ready to go without further review or revisions.

A finished basement for an existing  residence

Customer Support

 We make an effort to keep you involved in the architectural design during the entire process. Through email, and phone, we discuss possible areas of concern in the home design that may arise. You get to see the new home planning as it develops, consult with your builder or materials supplier as questions arise, reducing the need for last-minute revisions. 


Follow-up Services

 As part of the new home planning process, and before your plans are completed, preliminary plans are submitted to you for review, revisions to home design are easy to make at the architectural design stage. We work fast so alterations are properly executed, and as always we provide alternatives if we think they fit into the project.



 As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction we can produce site plans as well as both right- and left-hand versions of your plans so they may be used on several lots. This might also be necessary if your site changes or is not actually sloping the way you thought.  If you are a builder, we will even include your business name and phone number on your architectural design plans. We also can provide promotional drawings of your home design in reduced sizes to use as marketing tools.  These services are included. or available at a nominal fee, and considered a part of new home planning.

Minor Revisions


 We keep plans exclusively for your future use, they are your plans.  Whether you're a builder in the Topeka area, or a homeowner out of state, The architectural design is unique to your plan, we can make home design changes quickly and minor revisions are considered part of new home planning.  Oftentimes, we make small revisions over the phone, even as you build, with no additional cost to you. 

Custom Design


 If you are not sure your design fits your needs, we are more than willing to discuss your situation and provide reasonable alternatives. We have been involved in the home design industry since the 60's, and in Topeka since 1988. We have provided professional and reasonable new home planning for 1,000's of projects throughout the country. We will listen to your ideas, ask questions, and we develop detailed plans, and provide architectural design options.